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Anchored Parenting

Education and Coaching for Parents of Tweens & Teens (tw/teens)


(individual & group)

Whether you know it or not, there are fundamental parenting strategies that, when understood and practiced, lead to a more peaceful, respectful, communicative, and effective household.

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One-on-one, family, and small group coaching for parents of
tw/teens and for tw/teens and
emerging adults.


One-on-one coaching sessions enable us to focus on your unique needs and cater our conversations to the here and now. 

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(virtual & in-person)

Education comes in all forms. I work with public and private schools, community organizations, religious institutions, and others who want to create a customized learning experience designed for their parent and professional community.

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Erica Hruby, M.A.
Educator & Coach
Why choose us?

Erica Hruby is a tw/teen expert with over 28-years of professional experience working directly with parents and tw/teens in community, academic, and residential environments. In her work with hundreds of tw/teens, she has seen it all...and she gets them. Through parenting education and coaching, Erica is able to bring that experience to parents in order to improve their relationship with their tw/teens!

Erica's down to earth approach makes her highly relatable and enables her to share proven methodologies, insights, and tips and tricks with parents in an easy to understand non-judgmental way. She is proud of her ability to help parents navigate their way through late childhood into high school and then into young adulthood.

As a professional educator, curriculum developer, and speaker, Erica also creates and delivers high quality, engaging, and interactive learning sessions for parents, education professionals (Jewish and secular), and community organizations. 

Erica holds a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology with a focus on children and adolescents. She is a mother of two adult daughters and is happily married to her high school sweetheart. Erica loves cruising, reading, and spending time with family (especially at Disney!). And, she is a for over 3 years in an RV close to the Gulf Coast of FL.

Erica is a charming, vibrant facilitator who made the sessions very interesting and informative.




Speaking Engagements 


I offer a complimentary 1/2 hour virtual consultation.

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