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Parent Coaching
(virtual or in-person)

Parenting a tw/teen is not easy. It is not intuitive. And, it is not always rewarding. Many parents feel unequipped to deal with the challenges of adolescence and they don't know where to go for learning or support.


Many parents feel that they don't have a community to reach out to for non-judgemental support and guidance when times are tough. Books, blogs, and Facebook posts are great, but they aren't alive, engaging, or responsive in real-time. That is why I am here to help!

Join me for private coaching sessions where we will focus on the challenges most relevant to you and your family. These sessions can be proactive, in anticipation of challenges down the road, or focused on concerns in real-time.

Sample Coaching Areas for Parents

  • Setting and upholding boundaries

  • Creating behavioral expectations and agreements

  • Instilling and enforcing appropriate social media boundaries at different ages

  • Improving communication and listening skills

  • Deciphering between appropriate and inappropriate behavior

  • Teaching responsibilities and upholding accountability

  • Collaborative parenting

  • Reclaiming parental leadership 

  • Dealing with issues around emotional regulation

  • Navigating the friend space

  • Learning coping skills to support your own health and the health of your tw/teen
  • Ending helicopter or lawnmower parenting
  • "Launching" support at all ages

  • Dating, drugs, driving...oh my!

Tw/Teen & Emerging Adult Coaching
(virtual or in

Our tw/teens and emerging adults (post high school) have been through a lot over the past couple of years. Covid has changed their world dramatically. Among other things, there has been an uptick in mental health challenges (particularly depression and anxiety), social delays, gender identity understanding, and difficulty building resilience.

Sign your tw/teen or emerging adult up for private coaching sessions that will help your tw/teen or emerging adult navigate their life with more confidence and competence. Whether they are on a good path or dealing with challenges in their lives, coaching can help guide them on a path that aligns better with what they want for their life.

I can focus on the big picture or dive into focus areas such as academic success, anxiety reduction, social connections, self-exploration, or college/career paths.

Sample Coaching Areas for Tw/Teens
 Emerging Adults

  • Behavioral:

    • Managing responsibilities at home and creating effective behavioral agreements

    • Learning effective coping strategies for a variety of mental health challenges

    • Managing moods and emotions

    • Forming healthy social relationships​

    • Focus on mental wellness

  • School Related:

    • Planners and bullet journaling

    • Time management

    • Maximizing study/work space

    • Managing academic workflow and responsibilities

  • Future Planning:

    • Goal setting

    • Financial management

    • ​Getting a job 101-resume, cover letter, job search, interviewing, acceptance, and scheduling

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