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About Me

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Master of Arts: Clinical Psychology

  Georgia School of Professional Psychology    

  May 1997

Bachelor of Science: Psychology

  Stetson University

  May 1995



Youth Mental Health First Aid 

 April 2021

Certified Life Coach

 October 2017

Certified Youthologist/Teen Coach

 March 2010

Being a mom, wife, and full-time businesswoman has been my world for over twenty four years. With two successful, well-adjusted daughters, ages 26 and 22, I can confidently say "I did it!"

Along with parenting my daughters, my best parenting "instruction" came in the form of serving four years as Dean of Students, house parent, and teacher in a boarding high school (American Hebrew Academy, Greensboro, NC). This role included living with and managing the daily needs of twenty students in my house/dorm annually and overseeing the overall health and well-being of another 120 students.

In addition to my boarding school experience, I have also served as a religious school and youth group director, middle and high school faulty member, and college Hillel professional. With well over 10,000 hours in the field, I am an expert in tw/teen development, relationships, accountability, behavior management, leadership, and parental education and support.

Here's where I think I truly excel... My expertise with tw/teens and my time in with young people has allowed me to understand their perspective and channel their voice when speaking with parents. I help parents understand the often unintended messages that create a wall between parents and tw/teens.  

I care deeply about the health of parent-tw/teen relationships as this is the most important long-term relationship parents and tw/teens will have in their lives. The earlier parents can learn tools and strategies for effective parenting, the better the long-term impact. I am here to support that process!

Through my years of serving in a multitude of formal and informal educational environments, I connect with and speak the same language of educators in a variety of organizational environments. I have developed curriculum for camps, youth groups, day schools, community educators, and national educational initiatives. 

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