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Speaking Engagements
(virtual or in-person)

Education comes in all forms. I work with public and private schools, community organizations, religious institutions, and others who want to create a customized learning experience designed for their parent community. These sessions can be topical or more generalized parenting content. My goal is to help parents develop a more connected relationship with their tw/teen, learn solutions to a variety of parenting challenges, and ultimately live a more fulfilled family life! 

A key organizational benefit to offering parenting education is that it helps form and support parent communities. When parents bond over experiences provided by organizations they engage with, they are more likely to volunteer, promote, and donate!  

Speaking Engagements Can Be**: (in-person and virtual)

- 1 or 2 hour one-time sessions

- 1/2 or full day sessions

- Multi-day sessions or Weekend Retreat/Shabbaton

* In academic settings, I can also provide professional development workshops for faculty and staff as well as tw/teen education.

** Pricing is based upon type and length of presentation as well as travel costs if applicable.

Sample Learning Sessions Designed for Communities

  • Understanding the tw/teen brain and its impact on tw/teen behavior

  • What’s going on with teens today?

  • Understanding and facilitating resilience

  • Exploring common mental health disorders impacting tw/teens today

  • Navigating the emotional rollercoaster

  • Turning power struggles into mutual agreements

  • Risky behaviors – online friendships, sex, drugs, drinking, and driving

  • The 411 about social media

  • Optimizing the grandparent relationship by understanding tw/teens 

  • Communicating to build stronger relationships with tw/teens

  • Setting boundaries, ownership of responsibilities, and behavioral agreements

  • Motivating teens to…do their homework, volunteer, get a job, apply for college

  • Creating and operating out of a core values framework

Join the growing community of incredible professionals
and parents who are partners on parent education:


4Front Baltimore, Baltimore, MD
Combined Jewish Philanthropies, Boston, MA
Epstein School, Atlanta, GA
Houston Jewish Federation, Houston, TX 
JCC Metropolitan Detroit, Detroit, MI
Jewish Family Service, Seattle, WA 

Jewish Grandparents Network

JumpSpark, Atlanta, GA
LA Jewish Teen Initiative, Los Angeles, CA
Moving Traditions, Denver, CO
Pace Academy, Atlanta, GA
Springboard, Chicago, IL

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